Friday, September 18, 2009

Moms with Blogs

I recently have been reading blogs written by other moms and the ones I find most interesting are the moms with multiples. I find it interesting to read about their trials and tribulations and their search to find their new normal. Maybe I just like to read about other families who have it rougher than me, i.e. sleepless nights with newborns! There are some blogs that are so hard to read since the parents are writing about the babies they lost. It is so sad yet I find myself following the families.I guess it is like driving by a car accident and you just have to look.

One blog is about triplets but one of their little girls died about a month after she was born. Those parents have got to have a lot of strength to continue on and care for their surviving babies.

Another blog is about twin preemies who need so much attention ALL day long. They are healthy but require assistance even while sleeping. They sleep in swings and it seems that one of the parents are always awake to care for them!

Another blog I came across was one where both of their baby daughters died within 2 days of each other. I mean, how God awful is that??

Now, I don't just read morbid posts! This is a mom with 6 kids and she is just hysterical. I can relate to a lot of her issues with her kids and she is not shy to write about their quirks! Here is a blog about a mom of twins but she has a night nanny. Now, how great would that be?!

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