Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Injustice of Life

Kids have such interesting views of life. Yesterday Nicky went to preschool in the morning. No problems, he got on the bus and came off the bus all happy. Told me all about his day. Then the afternoon rolls around and it is time for Mikey to get on his afternoon kindergarten bus. But he had a nasty cough so he was going to miss school and go to the doctor instead. So the bus shows up even though I called transportation and left a message. So I go outside and talk to the driver. She drives off without Mikey. So when I get back to the house there is Nicky sobbing and sobbing. I asked him what on earth was wrong. He told me that the bus left without Mikey. I told him that Mikey wasn't going to school since he was sick. This information caused more tears. Turns out, Nicky was very upset that he had to go to school and Mikey didn't. I told Nicky that when he is sick he can miss school. So in the car awhile later, he tells Mikey that he wants his cough so he doesn't have to go to school! Poor Nicky got the short end of the stick that day! Darn it. He had to go to school! See how unfair life is sometimes?!

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