Thursday, October 8, 2009

No Pussy Boys!

Over the last few years Mikey has chosen friends that tend to be more of the followers and more sheltered. Not that there is anything wrong with that! But his friends tended to be more emotional and cry when it was time to leave the playground. Or cry when they fell down. Or just cry. Now, if his friends had other siblings they were more like Mikey. Tough and not weepy. You just have to be tough when you have siblings beating you up! So this year, in a new school, I was interested to see who Mikey chose as his friends. Well, at the Fun Run today I saw the boy that Mikey always talks about, Liam. Let's just say that this boy is not a pussy boy and I doubt he would cry if he scraped his fingernail. Oh no, this boy is tough. How do I know? One word...Mohawk! Yes, a real mohawk, sides shaved, the top part gelled up. No wonder Mikey is always giving Bella mohawks in the tub!!!

Out of Touch

I was thinking the other day that I don't really know what Mikey or Nicky do in school. Last year, I went everyday to pick them up and their teacher told us what went on during the day. We went in their room to get them and saw their projects and art work hanging on the walls. But this year, the bus takes the boys to school and back and I feel quite distant. I mean, this is the first time where I really feel like I am sending them off on their own. They have their own friends this year that I have never met (I did see some of Mikey's friends today during the Fun Run but that will be another blog!). I don't really know what Mikey does in gym, library, art or music. (You know how generic kids' answers are when they are asked what they did in school!) He has assemblies with the school that I barely know anything about. I do communicate with Nicky's teacher through notes in his folder but it just isn't the same. I don't know. It is an odd feeling to be so out of touch. Our neighbor volunteers twice a week in her kids' classes but I really can't do that since I have Bella. I guess this is just the beginning where the kids are going to have their own things to do. It is hard, though!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cleaning Up

Yesterday afternoon, I heard Nicky calling me to come into the playroom. When I had left him in there a short time before he was watching a construction DVD. But when I went to see what he wanted I discovered that he had cleaned the playroom. Now this may not seem like much but cleaning up is not a favorite pastime for my kids. And the best part? I had not told Nicky to clean up! He told me he wanted us to be able to walk across the playroom. Yes, that is a novel idea! He was so proud of himself :) And when Mikey came home from school, Nicky took him right into the playroom and told him how he cleaned it himself. Mikey was very impressed, too. Then when Tony came home, Nicky showed off his work again. I am hoping that this continues...the rest of the house needs some cleaning, too!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Injustice of Life

Kids have such interesting views of life. Yesterday Nicky went to preschool in the morning. No problems, he got on the bus and came off the bus all happy. Told me all about his day. Then the afternoon rolls around and it is time for Mikey to get on his afternoon kindergarten bus. But he had a nasty cough so he was going to miss school and go to the doctor instead. So the bus shows up even though I called transportation and left a message. So I go outside and talk to the driver. She drives off without Mikey. So when I get back to the house there is Nicky sobbing and sobbing. I asked him what on earth was wrong. He told me that the bus left without Mikey. I told him that Mikey wasn't going to school since he was sick. This information caused more tears. Turns out, Nicky was very upset that he had to go to school and Mikey didn't. I told Nicky that when he is sick he can miss school. So in the car awhile later, he tells Mikey that he wants his cough so he doesn't have to go to school! Poor Nicky got the short end of the stick that day! Darn it. He had to go to school! See how unfair life is sometimes?!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Carved Pumpkins!

Check out these cool pumpkins. Sure beats the usual scary face!

Moms with Blogs

I recently have been reading blogs written by other moms and the ones I find most interesting are the moms with multiples. I find it interesting to read about their trials and tribulations and their search to find their new normal. Maybe I just like to read about other families who have it rougher than me, i.e. sleepless nights with newborns! There are some blogs that are so hard to read since the parents are writing about the babies they lost. It is so sad yet I find myself following the families.I guess it is like driving by a car accident and you just have to look.

One blog is about triplets but one of their little girls died about a month after she was born. Those parents have got to have a lot of strength to continue on and care for their surviving babies.

Another blog is about twin preemies who need so much attention ALL day long. They are healthy but require assistance even while sleeping. They sleep in swings and it seems that one of the parents are always awake to care for them!

Another blog I came across was one where both of their baby daughters died within 2 days of each other. I mean, how God awful is that??

Now, I don't just read morbid posts! This is a mom with 6 kids and she is just hysterical. I can relate to a lot of her issues with her kids and she is not shy to write about their quirks! Here is a blog about a mom of twins but she has a night nanny. Now, how great would that be?!