Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cleaning Up

Yesterday afternoon, I heard Nicky calling me to come into the playroom. When I had left him in there a short time before he was watching a construction DVD. But when I went to see what he wanted I discovered that he had cleaned the playroom. Now this may not seem like much but cleaning up is not a favorite pastime for my kids. And the best part? I had not told Nicky to clean up! He told me he wanted us to be able to walk across the playroom. Yes, that is a novel idea! He was so proud of himself :) And when Mikey came home from school, Nicky took him right into the playroom and told him how he cleaned it himself. Mikey was very impressed, too. Then when Tony came home, Nicky showed off his work again. I am hoping that this continues...the rest of the house needs some cleaning, too!

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